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Beautiful day in our neighborhood to spread the word. Thank you for the conversations and support!
Feeling very inspired by my fellow De Pere artists as I picked up 13 more miles (yep, feeling it big time) getting out door to door today. 1125 and counting!
Definitely have a “Spring” in my step as I booked another 21 miles this weekend to deliver all 1549 of my flyers. Hanging on to #1550 as a keepsake. De Pere, you inspire me with your encouragement and support (especially those of you cleaning out your garages!)

requested mail-in ballots will all go out by 3/16…early in-person voting starts 3/23 at City Hall.
Today is the day!! Voter 24. Took about 8.6 seconds.
And then we listened to Europe’s “The Final Countdown”

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