How To Vote

Election Day:
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

District 1 Polling Location:
First United Presbyterian Church
605 N. Webster Avenue


When can people start voting early for the April 6 general election?
The city mails ballots to all requests on file by March 16.

What dates can people stop into City Hall to vote early for the April 6 election?
In-person absentee voting starts in De Pere at City Hall on Tuesday, March 23 and goes through Friday, April 2.

When can citizens stop in to vote early (days/hours of operation?)
Monday – Friday on those dates listed above, 8 AM – 4:30 PM.

Where is the De Pere District 1 April 6, 2021 election day polling location?
First United Presbyterian Church, 605 N. Webster Avenue.

What are the hours of operation at De Pere polling locations on election day?
Polls will be open from 7 AM – 8 PM.

How do De Pere residents request an absentee ballot? What should be included in my absentee request?
Residents can request a ballot on, by stopping in to the clerk’s office, sending a letter, or e-mailing the city clerk at If writing or e-mailing, you should include your full name and your De Pere address. If you have not voted absentee before, you should include a copy of your photo ID.

What is the deadline for the clerk’s office to mail out absentee ballots by?
The last day that the City of De Pere can mail a ballot is Thursday, April 1st. If you are unable to mail your ballot back by March 29, it is recommended you drop it off at City Hall prior to the election or at the polling location on election day.

Where can Wisconsin voters request an absentee ballot?
You can request an absentee ballot at If you have not voted absentee before, you will be directed to upload a snapshot of your photo ID.

If not yet registered, De Pere residents have until what date to go to the clerk’s office?
You can register by mail or online up until March 17. After that you can register in person at the clerk’s office in City Hall until Friday, April 2.

Can residents also register at polling locations on April 6? To register in person, you must provide proof of residence – what is that exactly for De Pere?
Yes. There are a variety of documents that qualify for proof of residence such as their driver’s license, a utility bill or bank statement, or a lease. Here is a link to a more complete list of acceptable documents:

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